Are we taking ourselves too seriously?

Are we taking ourselves too seriously?


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September 2021!


Our focus for this month is Sense of Humour which includes an awesome new feature - Music for the Soul, some wonderfully inspiring articles,  a graduate sharing from her Laughter Club and other joyful updates for the month of September- Enjoy!


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We hope that our newsletters bring you upliftment, inspiration, and updates as to what is happening at the Global Coaching Academy and new paradigm world of Coaching, Mentoring, and Interpersonal Facilitation. 

Sense of Humour


“Humour is our greatest




Mark Twain 




Where Are They


Heartfelt sharing from GCA graduates


Meet Lynette Mitchell


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listen to Lynette 

About Lynette


"Lynette Mitchell loves people and enjoys being involved with them and life, made possible by sharing her laughter yoga, counselling and life coaching training. She grew up with the intention of keeping an upbeat and joyous demeanour and has been involved in personal growth and spiritual evolution for 60 years. Her life continues to be full, optimistic and her work and passion is to facilitate groups of people, including the free community laughter club which she has been leading for 16 years. Her motto is to ‘never ever give up’."


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Humour Lights Us Up


"Sense of humour is a magical quality, woven through the fabric of life. It can bring joy and lightness, ease the pain and help us experience togetherness.  Doesn’t it soften your heart to hear children’s cheerful outbursts? Doesn’t it assure you there’s innocence and hope in the world? There’s much in life which needs our attention and action. We all have our daily dose of challenges to overcome and learn from. Yet, when the dial of life pressures goes up, the balance on the seriousness scale can be lost. It is easy for our egos to inflate and become too self-focused. That distorts the motives for our actions and quietly sucks the joy out of life."


"We all have a role to play as there are no spare parts in the Universe. Yet, we live on a tiny rock hurtling through space and it’s good to remember to lighten up and put things into perspective. Our beautiful Mother Earth, with all the abundance and diversity of life, is a home to thousands of species. It deserves protection and my hope is that we can restore the balance and harmony on the blue planet. I feel that, as we go along through our days, being the best Earth tenants we can be, it is worth remembering to lighten up and laugh at our shortcomings and be grateful for the lessons flowing out of successes and falls. Whatever might be happening in your life right now, this too shall pass. So keep calm and smile on!"


 Ewa Balas, GCA Graduate

About Ewa


Ewa has been working as a nanny, nurturer  and champion of children for the past 14 years and is currently moving on to continue developing her other skills in Life Coaching, Mentoring, Holistic Counselling and writing. She is passionate about assisting people in finding the truth in the cave of their own hearts, in looking deeply within so they can re-discover inner beauty, realize their potential and step on a path of living purposefully and wisely, honouring the sacredness of all life including sacredness within their own selves.


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Monthly Musings  

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers...

Myth busters...


Exploring a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal

Facilitation, what it is and what it isn’t, from the perspective of GCA heart based philosophy and our graduates

A Sense of Humour


“An aware sense of humour can be a profound way to touch people’s hearts and a way to reach out over any sensitive or awkward gulfs which might exist between ourselves and others."


“There’s the nervous giggle kind of funny, and then there is an honest humorous observation about ourselves or our situation kind of funny. It is the latter in which we remain more conscious and present, which can help us to own things about self which might have been a bit too challenging if approached directly as cold fact."
“There have been just a few rare individuals in the course of my life who have demonstrated this kind of authentic-with-self humour. I have both enjoyed and learned so much from being around them, and have taken a leaf out of their book and carried it with me through life.”


Rupert Guenther

About Rupert

Rupert Guenther is an international concert artist, composer, author and teacher. He incorporates meditation as well as coaching and mentoring approaches in his professional development work with musicians around the world.


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and now for some...


Music for the Soul!


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    The Lovefinders Band 


Who We Are and What We Do


If you have not yet studied with us, you may not already know that the Global Coaching Academy has been creating and delivering heart-based training programmes since 2004.


We began as a very small Registered Training Organisation in Perth offering a Certificate of Mentoring and Coaching. This was in response to people who were looking for a meaningful course and qualification that wasn't all about 'rah rah' and money making, rather about wanting to make a difference and support others to become the best versions of themselves. 17 years later, GCA is delivering a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation, as a fully internationally recognised ICF accredited coach training program to participants in United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.


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Our Team‍

Belinda, Jane and Julie are our main course facilitators along with a unique and authentic team of coaches, tutors, mentors, counsellors, and administrative and student support team members who bring their hearts, skills and experience to the academy.

Who are they? GCA Team


We love mentoring, coaching and interpersonal Facilitation. We love training and teaching. We love life. And we would love to work with you!

Are you ready to explore the world of coaching?

The people who feel drawn to working with us are people with big hearts; old souls who have acquired wisdom and who love their planet and humanity. They are the ones who want something more. They are the Ones who keep us shining our lights and the reason we exist! Is this you?


Whether you want to become a professional coach and mentor or add to your repertoire of existing skills, you could be among the first new coaches to be trained in the newly released updated core competencies from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


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