A time to review and reflect

A time to review and reflect


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December 2021!


Our focus for December is Courage

and as always, some heartfelt musings and music to help inspire the change that we wish to experience in the world...Enjoy!

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Courage is often preceded by uncertainty - it it wasn't scarey it wouldn't be brave.


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Want to know more? Who We Are

Who We Are and What We Do


If you have not yet studied with us, you may not already know that the Global Coaching Academy has been creating and delivering heart-based training programmes since 2004.


We began as a very small Registered Training Organisation in Perth offering a Certificate of Mentoring and Coaching. This was in response to people who were looking for a meaningful course and qualification that wasn't all about 'rah rah' and money making, rather about wanting to make a difference and support others to become the best versions of themselves. 17 years later, GCA is delivering a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation, as a fully internationally recognised ICF accredited coach training program to participants in United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.


Want to know more? Who We Are










 "Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."


~Paulo Coelho


Monthly Musings 

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers...

Courage is grace under pressure


~ Ernest Hemmingway...


Myth busters...


Exploring a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation, what it is and what it isn’t, from the perspective of GCA heart based philosophy and our graduates. 


MYTH: If you feel afraid, you're a coward.


MYTH BUST: If you don't feel afraid you might not have the full picture!


Sometimes feeling afraid is the right and proper response to a dangerous situation - but that doesn't make anyone a coward. Cowardice could be remaining afraid and not doing anything to remedy the situation, but it is more complex than that. Let's not be so quick to judge.


We need to be mindful that there may be a trauma response in there somewhere. There are different responses to danger. Most people are aware of fight and flight - but there is also freeze and fawn.


Some people just freeze. Their brain shuts down and they dissociate. Others roll over and appease an attacker. This is not cowardice - this is a learned behaviour to a past danger which that person didn't know how to survive. ‍It was an act of love and courage at a time when there was no other perceived way out.


So, if you are inspired to do something, if you are invited to be something greater than you have believed, but you are afraid - that doesn't make you a coward. It doesn't mean anything about you other than you have a normal human response to the unknown.


However, if it impacts you and you are unable to act because you are crippled by your fear, then that simply means you need to get some help to heal that very traumatised part of you. That, my friends, is the greatest act of courage we can see!


Support mental health for everyone. Mental health needs to be normalised as much as physical health, so when you, or someone you know, are crippled by fear, remember to have kindness and compassion because they are running on an outdated mental programme which needs an update. Getting support for that update is an act of pure self-love.

A time to Reflect


At this time of year it can get hectic as we rush from one thing to the next, trying to get organised for the holiday season. Whether it's Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year there are a thousand things to distract you and attract your attention.


So how do you stay true to Who You Truly Are and not get bumped off-course by the busy-ness of this time of year?


With so many demands on your time and energy at this time of year (and probably all year round) it is vital to your ongoing evolution, to your very Soul, to remember to make time to pay attention to your own eternal growth. We can often put that last, leave it on the back-burner because we perceive other things as 'more important' and we forget to value the importance of our spiritual journey. But nothing is more important.


To self-actualise, to expand your consciousness is the most worthwhile task you can undertake in any lifetime. Each time you expand your understanding, you perceive the world just a little differently. You are able to grow your compassion, to love more, to be more grateful, and to extend yourself towards others more in a healthy way with loving boundaries. For anyone who does this work, each time they grow just a little more, there is a little more love and a little more light in the world. And that is worthwhile!


So how will you make time to pause and reflect each day. What will it take for you to carve out some stillness in your day where you can reflect on the year that is ending...

reflect on who you want to be in the new year that is birthing....


Take time to breathe, deeply and fully for a few moments. Settle your nervous system and get back in touch with your heart. It only takes a moment.


Enjoy nature and be grateful for this amazing little rock hurtling through space that we call 'home'. Smile at the sun which shines equally on all of us all the time, even if there are clouds in the way.


Create some quiet time each day to simply be still and ponder in your heart - how did you do this year gone by? Did you ground and express Love and help there to be more Love because you were here? How well did you love, how well did you live, how well did you learn to let go?


And what of the coming year? What is important to you? What will you do differently so that by the end of next year you can look back and smile and say to yourself, that was a year well-lived.


 with love from Belinda

About Belinda


Belinda is the head and Heart of Global Coaching Academy.

She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation and is currently studying for her Masters of Counselling.

She is inspired by the courage of the human spirit and seeks to nurture that and inspire others to have courage to actualise more of their potential.


‍www.globalcoach.com.au www.globalcoach.com.au




Click on the video for this month's musical offering from the Love Finders Band for the theme of courage - it takes courage to love with all your heart and soul - unconditionally - so this month, we invite you to take heart, take courage and love life in all of its guises.

Our Team‍

Belinda, Jane and Julie are our main course facilitators along with a unique and authentic team of coaches, tutors, mentors, counsellors, and administrative and student support team members who bring their hearts, skills and experience to the academy.

Who are they? GCA Team


We love mentoring, coaching and interpersonal Facilitation. We love training and teaching. We love life. And we would love to work with you!

Are you ready to explore the world of coaching?

The people who feel drawn to working with us are people with big hearts; old souls who have acquired wisdom and who love their planet and humanity. They are the ones who want something more. They are the Ones who keep us shining our lights and the reason we exist! Is this you?


Whether you want to become a professional coach and mentor or add to your repertoire of existing skills, you could be among the first new coaches to be trained in the newly released updated core competencies from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


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