Abundance as a Sacred Quality

Abundance as a Sacred Quality


Welcome to the Global Coaching Academy Monthly Newsletter for May 2022!



 Our focus for May is Abundance and, as always, some heartfelt musings and music to help inspire the change that we wish to experience in the world...Enjoy!

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Monthly Musings 

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers...

Abundance is not a

number or acquisition.

It is the simple

recognition of



~ Alan Cohen‍




Ponderings on Abundance




True abundance

The mythologist Joseph Campbell once said that we are not so much looking for the meaning of life but rather for an experience of being truly alive.

Abundance to me feels like this kind of deep, rich experience of life.  

It isn’t a thing we possess but a state of being which opens us up to a certain kind of

relationship with the universe. A relationship based on wholeheartedly bringing the best that we have (through expressing our unique potential) and opening in equal measure to the gifts that life would bring us in return.

So it is not an individual, but a deeply relational experience, and it is possible to be highly abundant in one area of our life – say meaningful relationships  – but not so much in

another - such as manifesting material wealth.


Like all healthy relationships, abundance starts with the relationship we have with

ourselves.  A state of being within that reflects: ‘I am enough, I have enough’. 

Two of the major keys to work with in creating this inner state are the qualities of

gratitude and worthiness. 


Gratitude allows us to open our hearts and perceive the gifts in everything that life presents to us - even the difficult stuff!  When we work gratefully and willingly with what life brings us (rather than resisting or judging it) we will find that life will open up ever more possibility and wonder to us.  

The quality of worthiness is also essential in helping us to open to receive the love,

opportunity and resources that life would bring us to support our growth and inner wellbeing.   

We can all look and find areas in our lives where we may limit the flow of abundance.  
Perhaps we are stuck in a job that we dislike and doesn’t bring out our inner gifts.  

Perhaps underlying fear or unworthiness leads us to self-sabotage in relationships and push away love.  

There are many ways we limit ourselves, but we have the power to change this.   

Our journey to abundance can be life long, but it is our birthright and something we can all achieve – if we but choose!   

 Myth busters...

Exploring a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation, what it is and what it isn’t, from the perspective of GCA heart based philosophy.



“Abundance is the end goal - when I have abundance, then I'll be happy/successful... whatever....”




A common myth I come across with clients and have to remind myself in

challenging moments, is that abundance isn’t the end goal or a line in the sand, it’s a by-product of who you become and the mindset and character you

develop along the journey.

If we use money and finances as an example as it’s an area often associated with abundance, money and finances are merely tools that we use to create value in our lives and in the world around us, whilst providing a true reflection on our mindset and motives about abundance.

With abundance as an end goal, money and finances, can actually be limiting. Those who focus primarily on accumulating wealth often do so out of an underlying insecurity or fear of scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, and those individuals must constantly struggle and work towards keeping it. Their focus is on competition with others, rather than focusing on their talents and abilities. Which is repelling to abundance and states of flow.

However, those who focus instead on enjoying what they already have--offering their time and talents to help others or pursuing personal passions, focusing on creating mutually beneficial outcomes--tend to be happier, healthier

individuals who achieve greater financial well-being through their own growth and development.

As we grow and develop, we let go of limiting beliefs and fears, we create space for abundance to flow into our lives. It is through this process of self-transformation that we are able to create true abundance in our lives,

regardless of the situation.

Therefore, it is essential to cultivate a mindset of abundance, rather than pursue abundance as an end goal. This means knowing that there is enough for everyone and that you and everyone involved are deserving of success and creating a win-win for all involved.

Now for some Music for The Soul!‍


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The Lovefinders Band


This is a bit of a longer watch, but well worth it. In the current climate of fear, this woman is doing her best to create more love on the planet and a place of restoration of the human spirit through growing food.

Towards the end of the video she talks from her heart about abundance, and I thought it was a fitting resource for this month's focus.


Sit back and enjoy.

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