Attuning to harmony

Attuning to harmony


Welcome to the Global Coaching Academy Monthly Newsletter for July 2022!



 Our focus for July is Harmony and, as always, some heartfelt musings and music to help inspire the change that we wish to experience in the world...Enjoy!

We hope that our newsletters bring you upliftment, inspiration, and updates as to what is happening at the Global Coaching Academy and new paradigm world of Coaching, Mentoring, and Interpersonal Facilitation. 

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Monthly Musings 

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers...

  Out of clutter, find SIMPLICITY

From discord, find HARMONY

In the middle of difficulty lies


Albert Einstein





Ponderings on Harmony




Harmony is a quality that is often misunderstood. In traditional usage it is seen as something quite passive, something soft and gentle and non-confrontational, a quality that is easily disrupted by the hustle and bustle of daily life. And yet in my experience harmony is anything but passive – to experience harmony in its most genuine expression, one must be willing to face the aspects within oneself that are dis-harmonious. True harmony is not gained by backing down from an argument, but by working through the disagreement until acceptance is reached. This is the quality that lies at the core of authentic harmony – when we can truly learn to accept ourselves and the world around us, we can allow ourselves to move into a harmonious state.


A lack of conflict is not necessarily the same as a state of harmony. While we still have parts within us that are in pain, from past experiences and trauma, can we honestly be said to be in harmony with ourselves? Only once we heal ourselves of the pain and trauma we carry within us could we possibly achieve that state. The simple fact is that healing ourselves is never going to be soft and gentle. We must first acknowledge that we are not okay, which in and of itself can be a very painful process, and then allow ourselves to accept what we feel. Only then can the pain be released, the emotional wounds healed, and we can take another step towards our own version of true harmony with ourselves and the world.


But this version of harmony, where we face our demons and overcome them, is impossible for the world to disrupt. This allows us to face ourselves, and the world at large, with a smile.   


Nathan is the bass player and one of the singers for the Love Finders Band - see their version of The Scientist with him on lead vocals below.

Myth busters...

Exploring a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation, what it is and what it isn’t, from the perspective of GCA heart-based philosophy.


Myth: People often mistake harmony for peace or cessation of hostility.  We feel that things are harmonious if we are not in conflict. 




We often think to get out of conflict we expect people to suppress how they feel or what they think.  We mistake harmony with everyone agreeing or having the same opinion.  But this is not harmony, it is just suppressing people's free will. 


To have true harmony we must be able to allow everyone's needs and ideas to be expressed.  We must take into consideration people's free will.  We need to have intelligent discussions and through everyone expressing their needs come to a decision through wisdom.  We must find what is the highest good for everyone involved would look like.  Not just one party or the winner of the argument but everyone.  Once that decision is reached everyone then must accept the decision. 


Again this is easier for people/nations to do if they feel that their needs have been heard and understood. A harmonious decision does not make everyone happy, nor does it make everyone a winner.  It is a balance of wisdom and intelligence.  

Jennifer Cornell, M.D., FRACGP, FRNZCGP

Now for some Music for The Soul!‍


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The Lovefinders Band

 This is a little video I made for an ICF presentation recently - working with deep presence - we hope you enjoy a little moment of presence


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