Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love


Welcome to the Global Coaching Academy Monthly Newsletter for September 2022!


This month in the news:

  • The next intake starts in January 2023
  • Launching in the UK for our next intake with IN PERSON immersion weekends 
  • Unconditional Love is the theme for this month
  • Some thoughts on Unconditional Love from graduates Asifa Ali and Jay Birch
  • Musical magic from our favourite band The Love Finders playing Gary Moore's Parisienne Walkways


 Our focus for September is Unconditional Love and, as always, some heartfelt musings and music to help inspire the change that we wish to experience in the world...Enjoy!

We hope that our newsletters bring you upliftment, inspiration, and updates as to what is happening at the Global Coaching Academy and new paradigm world of Coaching, Mentoring, and Interpersonal Facilitation. 

Advance notice!


We are super excited to be running our course both in the UK and in Australia again!


We will be offering our immersion weekends IN PERSON again for our next intake which starts in January 2023 - only 4 months away!!! 


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Monthly Musings 

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers...


is not an emotional opinion - it is a measurable force.


To love freely without expectation of return is a joyous thing. 

Engage in the culture of Love

~ Michael King





Ponderings on Unconditional Love

from Asifa Ali -

Mentor and Life Coach




Unconditional love is a higher frequency of love which is given freely and abundantly, just for the sheer joy of loving, it feels liberating as it’s free from any tethers of attachment, agenda or expectation of receiving anything in return. 

Love in its lower vibration is conditional and transactional – “I’ll love you as long as you do x,y or z for me, or as long as you be or behave a certain way.”  Conditional love can also come from a sense of neediness born of unresolved self-esteem issues, not feeling whole in ourselves and so needing something or someone outside of ourselves to make us feel better or make us feel complete.  It can feel quite unsafe and precarious as we fear the loss of that which we’re attached to for a sense of wellbeing.  

Shifting our expression of love from the conditional to the unconditional can be a rich, deep, sometimes challenging, yet always rewarding journey of transformation.  It requires us to do the inner work on our self-esteem and self-love – by bringing unconditional acceptance and love to all parts of ourselves we fill up the holes within, we heal and we become whole . . . unhealthy dependency on things outside ourselves gradually falls away as we are filled with our own love which can then organically ripple out into the life around us.  Now we can connect with others in unconditional love. As whole, authentic beings we each bring the best of ourselves, to our relationships with others and with life itself, coming together in mutual joy and respect and forging a greater love together.  


Asifa is a life coach, mentor, holistic counsellor and member of the GCA team. She runs regular classes on personal and spiritual development. You can find out more on her meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/self-mastery-practical-spirituality-for-a-purposeful-life/


‍click on the heading below to hear Jay sharing his experience of our course and his thoughts on unconditional love

‍Jay is a qualified holistic counsellor, life coach, mentor and interpersonal facilitator with many years of experience in youth education and family support. He is passionate about assisting other Ones to remember who they are, find purpose, actualise potential and create lasting change… He also has personal experience in struggling with hard drug addiction. He hit rock bottom in 2014 and has been clean ever since. He is an avid anti-drug campaigner who has lectured extensively in schools about the dangers of drugs. Jay is also a professional actor.


You can find out more about his work at the Harmony Centre on his website:

Home - The Harmony Centre 

Now for some Music for The Soul!‍


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The Lovefinders Band


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Announcing our January 2023 intake!

We will be running this intake concurrently in the UK and in Australia - join our global community.


We are super excited to be back delivering our immersion weekends in person and to be launching (finally after COVID) in the UK.  


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Choosing Unconditional Love as a state of being, the Global Coaching Academy team!


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