News and celebrations for 2023 for GCA

News and celebrations for 2023 for GCA


We are celebrating Global Coaching Academy's success in becoming a LEVEL 2 Education Provider for the International Coaching Federation

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This month in the news:


  • Self-care is the theme for this month
  • Some thoughts on self-care from graduates this month. One who is a yoga and meditation teacher, and the other is an artist and art teacher - both graduates of our course using the skills they learned in their chosen fields. 
  • Musical magic from our favourite band The Love Finders 
  • Some wisdom and monthly musings from our own teachers and insprrations

Monthly Musings 

Some heartfelt inspiration for our readers from Amy Falconbridge of Enlightened Naturopathy - naturopath, mentor, and coach.


Find her on Enlightened Naturopathy Home 


See later in this newsletter for one of her Enlightened Naturopathy videos  

 Musings on SELF-CARE


Self-care must be approached through the whole system – healthy body, mind, and spirit – but it must also include nature and our relationship with all of life.


Self-care is about harmony and balance, being in a state of connection with ourselves and with nature in compassion and wholeness.


Deepening an understanding of the self and our place within the whole of life itself allows a profound reuniting with our true selves.



~ Amy Falconbridge


Ponderings on Self-Care from Patti McBain

Whole Body Self Care


Good value self-care considers the loving support of the whole body.


By "whole body" I mean our physical body, our mental body our emotional body, spiritual body, and environmental body.  For many yoga supports the physical body by building and maintaining strength and flexibility and helps the healthy flow of energy in all its channels—respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems etc plus the energy meridians or nadis.


We can choose a balanced, varied, fresh, minimally processed diet, we enjoy regular exercise, drink sufficient water, and schedule enough quality sleep in caring for ourselves.  


Feeling the range of emotions that living stimulates and learning that while we have emotions, we are not our emotions and that can choose them adds to whole-body self-care.


Mental self-care similarly is also learning that we have thoughts yet we are not our thoughts and we can also choose them. Our mental body has several levels and thinking is just one useful level. Its function is like a tool, great for planning and organising however not helpful as our guide. That’s where meditation and prayer can be helpful as a part of our self-care to practise quietening our thinking so we can listen to and culture the higher mind connection and be receptive to inspiration. This takes practice, discipline, and training over time.


Our spiritual nature is love and loving ourselves is a foundation for self-care.  Being with ourselves in a loving way. For me this is deeper and more fundamental than a bath, a vacation, or a massage ( although they can also be very helpful to relax, take a break and get perspective, and cease the busy-ness to listen to our whole body needs) it is being quiet and feeling, generating and building love from within. Then I find I don’t feel lacking and attempt to get love from outside myself inappropriately so I am taking better care of my relationships and environment too. 

Patti has practised and taught yoga and meditation for 50 years. She has also been an ayurvedic technician, owned several women’s fitness franchises for 10 years and a yoga studio for 10 years. In 2009 Patti completed the GCA training and in 2021 completed training as a transformational holistic counsellor. 


Currently, she facilitates a 6-month Meditation Facilitation Training registered with Meditation Australia and teaches small and private classes from home, for businesses and community organisations. Patti enjoys contributing to the board of Meditation Australia and other volunteering roles using her coaching, mentoring and counselling skills and continuing to grow and learn.


Details on the classes and courses Patti offers are on her website



Or you can email her at

Welcome to our MYTH BUSTERS section where we explore commonly held beliefs and habitual thought, and present other perspectives and ponder points.

We hope you enjoy pondering on the topic of SELF-CARE this month, gain some insights,  bust some myths around self-care, and update your internal database

‍Janet is an intuitive artist, a mentor, a coach, an art teacher, a meditation teacher, and a mum to three amazing children.

Janet graduated from Global Coaching Academy and has been using her coaching and mentoring skills in everything she does. 

She is proud to launch her new website, taking her creativity and courage to the next level. 

Please check out her website here Janet Gouteff

and her Facebook page here Janet Gouteff Art | Facebook

and stay tuned for her next round of workshops!

Here is a transcript of Janet's free-range, unscripted video


"Hi, I’m Janet and I’m really excited to be sharing with you some of my major myth-busters when it comes to self-care. As a personal development coach and mentor, I work with self-care a lot and I ask people “how are you going with self-care?” the biggest thing I hear back is “I’m not doing very well with this. I need to do more or I should be doing more, it’s a really weak area”


So that’s the first thing I hear and this is our first myth… That I should be doing more with self-care, I need to be doing more. I’m going to come back to that one later.


The second thing I ask people is “what does self-care mean for you?” A lot of people share they want to go to spa days, they want to get their nails done or get a massage, or it’s about going away with friends for the weekend. I ask people about how it makes them feel and it makes them feel relaxed. People want to feel relaxed with self-care, and calmer they want to feel good and this is myth number 2 – not that there is anything wrong with feeling good but I’m gonna explain it as we go. That self-care, - that if I don’t feel good, I’m not doing self-care and that’s our second myth we’re going to explore today.


I want to expand our definition of what self-care is. We have our big things like getting a massage, awesome thing to do, going away with friends – great again and they really have their place but what about going for a walk, just around the block, getting into nature, what about just walking barefoot on the grass, watching the clouds go by. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be something really small. It could be, I don’t know, having a sleep-in in the morning. It could be getting up early in the morning. It’s going to be different for everyone. So that’s one expansion and I want to expand us again into a notion of self-care maybe not being very comfortable, maybe not feeling great and the things I have in mind here are;


Pausing before we speak

Having a difficult conversation

It might be saying no to someone

It might be saying yes to someone or something, something to do.

It might be, you know, could be all sorts of things


Some of these things can feel quite uncomfortable but we know that they’re self-nourishing we know deep down, these are really supportive of our well-being but they don’t always feel comfortable. This takes us back to myth number 2 that self-care has got to feel great! Sometimes it just doesn’t and we know deep down having that difficult conversation, saying no is really self-nurturing.


So what about our myth number 1, “I should be doing more”. Well, I challenge you to go back through your day and have a really good look at the things you do, the little things that are comfortable, maybe not the big self-care things that we think about and I really challenge you to have a look at that because I’ll bet and I’m sure that you’re doing a lot better at self-care than you think!



So that’s all from me. It’s been great speaking to you and hopefully, I’ll see you again." 

Now for some Music for The Soul!‍


Click the image to hear the band!



The Lovefinders Band

‍In fitting with our theme of self-care we have an offering on Self Love at Core of All Healing from Amy Falconbridge, founder and naturopath at Enlightened Naturopathy 


We hope you take time and enjoy her sharing here. 

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