This is our flagship course, fully accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP).

It's a 10 month in-depth course which gives you the skills, knowledge and understanding to work as a coach, mentor and facilitator.

It comprises a minimum of 168 coach specific training hours with further self-study to give you a solid, grounded understanding of the art and science of coaching, mentoring, facilitating and training. It also gives you the skills and knowledge to create your own training, work with groups as well as individuals, speak from the heart in front of an audience and create and deliver workshops.

The main focus is working from the heart not just the mind. We are passionate about mindfulness, and we take it a step further to heart-full-ness where you engage with clients from a space of unconditional positive regard, kindness, love and wisdom.

The learning is a blended style which includes:

  • 3 intensive workshops in person
  • 18 fortnightly live webinars where you study from the comfort of your own home
  • Practical coaching practice with your fellow students in supervised phone group work
  • Set work to study in your own time - such as recordings of coaching to listen to and reflect on then discuss in class and reading course materials
  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • A series of one-on-one mentor-coaching and coaching supervision sessions during your work with volunteer clients
  • And, as the foundation, a deep engagement with our philosophy of "Know Thyself" through a series of self-reflection exercises to underpin your learning

This gives you a deep and rounded experience to be a coach, mentor, facilitator and workshop creator who is comfortable to work deeply with clients and able to handle a broad range of client situations with equanimity and harmony.

The learning is through enjoyable practical activities combined with reflection, reading, listening, discussing and writing.

Modules include:

The Art and Science of Coaching

The coaching course materials are based on the International Coach Federation's 11 core coaching competencies. 

It centres around applied learning through our interactive peer coaching programme with regular tutoring in the form of coaching your fellow course participants and involving tutors on every second session to engage in round table discussions to explore how the competencies were expressed.

We want you to become the coach that YOU are - uniquely - and support you to delve into what makes you tick, because we know that WHO YOU ARE IS HOW YOU COACH.

Reflection and Self-Awareness

This is the foundation for the course - 'Know Thyself' so you can be the clearest mirror for your clients. You will explore your own inner landscape with view to understanding your own patterns and habits and how they can get in the way of good coaching, or support good coaching.

There are a number of reflective exercises you will work through. Each exercise builds on the previous one to become a set of tools and practices which will support your onwards journey in whatever field you choose to work in.


We discuss how great mentoring brings the best of what you've learned, the wisdom you've gained and uses a coaching platform to support your mentees to find their own pathway rather than just 'tell' someone what you did or what they 'should' do.

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